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Malek Alia

General information
Place of birth: Tartous
Specialization: Republican Guard – Army and Armed Forces

Current service position
Head of the Security and Military Committee in Aleppo & Commander of the 30th Republican Guard

Previous positions of service
1- Head of the Military Intelligence Branch, Sweida (Branch 217) 2018
2- Head of the Military and Security Committee of Aleppo 2017
3- Chief of Staff, Division 30, Republican Guards 2017
4- Commander of the Army in Aleppo 2016
5- Commander of Regiment 106, the Republican Guards 2012
6- Deputy Commander of Regiment 106, the Republican Guards 2011
7- An officer at the Republican guards 2010





Malik Ali, who is from Tartous, is one of the most prominent officers of the Republican Guard, where he served as chief of staff in the 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard under the command of Brigadier General Mohammad Khadour in 2011

At the outbreak of peaceful protests in 2011, Alia participated in the invasion of the eastern cities of Ghouta and in particular the city of Douma in April of the same year. He oversaw the operations of the 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard who broke into the city of Douma in Ghouta after a siege that lasted for several months. The storming led to the killing of 100 and the arrest of more than 5,000 people.

Under the command of Brig. Gen. Alia, the Republican Guards carried out field executions at the checkpoints, in addition to the raids and arrests, the destruction of public and private property and the theft of gold and looting of shops in the city or in the farms around the Ghouta.

In mid-2012, Brigadier General Malek Alia was dispatched to the city of Aleppo among a number of the Republican Guards (106 Brigade), under the command of Brigadier General Mohammad Khaddour. Alia assisted in commanding the regiment and bore direct responsibility for the crimes committed in Aleppo.

In February 2013, General Malik Ali was appointed Commander of the 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard, which was stationed mainly near the Henderat and the Lermon camps. He remained in this position until the end of 2016. At that time, he led the Republican Guard forces in Aleppo during the attacks on the eastern neighborhoods of the city, which resulted in the displacement of the people of Aleppo from the eastern neighborhoods and killed about 1370 civilians during the period between November 15 and December 13, 2016.

In late January 2017, Bashar al-Asaad issued a decree to form the 30th Republican Guard Division, which included all the forces operating in Aleppo. Major General Zeid Saleh was appointed its commander and Brigadier General Malik Ali was its chief of staff.

In October 2017 Brigadier General Malek Alia was appointed commander of the 30 Republican Guard, replacing Zaid Saleh, and at the end of the same year was appointed head of the security and military committee in Aleppo.

Below are the most infamous massacres committed by the Republican Guard forces under the supervision of Brigadier General Malek Alia:

The massacre of the sl-Walid Bakery in al-Haydariya district (Aleppo, 2/12/2012), which killed nine and wounded dozens.

The massacre of al-Idlbi Bakery, al-Bustan neighborhood (Aleppo, 3/12/2012), which killed 20 people and wounded more than 100.

The massacre of the Jab al-Qubba neighborhood (Aleppo, 9/1/2013), which killed 27 people as a result of the rocket fire.

The massacre of the Jabal Badro neighborhood (Aleppo, February 18, 2013), which killed 45 people as a result of rocket attacks on the neighborhood.

Massacre of the village of Malikya (Aleppo, February 27, 2013), which killed 70 women and children after burning their homes.

Massacre of the village of Aziza (Aleppo, 4/4/2013), which killed 22 youths who were executed on sopt.

Massacre of Al-Sakhour neighborhood (Aleppo, 16/4/2013), which claimed the lives of 33 young men whose bodies were left on the ground.

The massacre of the village of Rasm al-Nafl (Aleppo, 21/6/2013), which killed 192 people, mostly women, children and elderly people who were executed on spot.

Massacre of the village of the farm (Aleppo, 22/6/2013), which killed more than 70 young men were executed on spot; their bodies were thrown into wells.

The massacre of Al-Firdous district (Aleppo, 7/1/2014), which killed 28 people, including 3 children and 5 women.


Photo Captions

Brigadier General Malik Alia, Major General Zaid Salih and Brigadier General Amin Iskandar, Operations Officer of the 30th Brigade, Republican Guard


Brigadier General Malik Alia and the criminal colonel Nabil New, security officer of the Republican Guard in Aleppo, sit in the ruins of the houses of Aleppo after their destruction