Press release: Pro-Justice is launching its campaign “No legitimacy for perpetrators” – Pro Justice

Press release: Pro-Justice is launching its campaign “No legitimacy for perpetrators”

Press release: Pro-Justice is launching its campaign “No legitimacy for perpetrators”


Under the banner “No legitimacy for perpetrators,” Pro-Justice is launching its campaign to demand accountability for war criminals and human rights violators in Syria, represented by the perpetrators and war criminals who represent the Syrian political and security regime and lead the regime of repression in Syria.

Pro-Justice, a non-profit organization, seeks to uphold accountability and prevent impunity for war criminals and key human rights violators in communities that have experienced civil wars or natural disasters, with particular emphasis on the Middle East, and mainly Syria. To this end, Pro-Justice is willing to work, cooperate, and coordinate with other relevant human rights and legal organizations to raise voices against impunity and emphasize the need for accountability by addressing public opinion and decision-makers in the region and the free world, in order to thwart any politically motivated effort to redeem perpetrators and cover up their crimes.

Pro-Justice, comprises a number of Syrian politicians and jurists, is managed by Wael Sawah, who has emphasized that Pro-Justice’s mission is “to advocate for justice and accountability in Syria and around the world, through dialogue, publication, and direct contacts, in order to guarantee that major culprits are not exempted from accountability.” Sawah added that “Pro-Justice’s vision is for a democratic Syria that enjoys the rule of law, freedom of expression, and complete equality among all Syrians, without any fear or discrimination.”

Pro-Justice launched in early October a campaign entitled “The Black List”, which aims to shed light on war criminals in for the international community Syria by publishing files of each criminal with information about him, alongside information about the crimes they committed or oversaw.

The campaign has been running both in Arabic and English. Recently, it has published portfolios of Bashar al-Assad, Maher al-Assad, Zuhair al-Assad, Fahd Jassim al-Fareej, Ali Abdullah Ayoub, Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hassan, Muhammad Deeb Zeitoun, Abdel Fattah Qudssiyeh, Talal Makhlouf, and Jamal Younis.The campaign seeks to identify more than 70 security and political figures involved in committing violations against the Syrian people, to ensure that they do not escape accountability.

For further details, please contact Wael Sawah, CEO of Pro-Justice, at [email protected]

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